Plastic modingson the sides, underthe doors, bumpes, side mirrors deteriorate fast. They fade under the sun and soon loose their gloss and luster.This is a result of oxidation, UV rays and other industrial and environmental contaminants. The process of oxidation and deterioration not only shortens the life expectancy for these surfaces but also discolors and creates fading.


ProteX is a 4 step process. Once ProteX is applied, it will:


  • Remarkably improve the appearance of the surface.
  • Cause rain to bead up and roll off by creating a hydrophobic surface.
  • Make it easier to clear ice, snow, and even dirt.
  • Eliminate usage of oher oily and cosmetic chemicals such as Armoral, etc.
  • Prevent salt and calcium deposits from penetrating to the surface.
  • Protect against acidic and basic contaminants.
  • Protect against fading and discoloration


How Does It Work?


Smart Engineered MoleculesProteX is designed to preserve hard plastic and fiberglass surfaces. This coating can also be used on laminate, tiles and ceramic.


Neptune is designed to be more flexible for protection of rubber, softer plastic and silicon material such as inflatable boats, life vests and life rings.


ProteX and Neptune create a transparent protective layer above the surface. This protective layer is waterproof and air proof.


These coatings contain UV inhibitors and prevent discoloration.