Kromatec is a chrome and stainless steel protection and presrvatin system for vehicles.

Kromatc treatment provides a complete protection against environmental contaminants and acidic chemical effects.

This one-of-a-kind and innovative metal preservation technology:


• Prevents rust
• Eliminates usage of acidic cleaner and polish
• Protects the rims against corrosion, discoloration
• Causes rain, water and dirt to bead up and roll off
• Lasts up to 2 years in normal driving conditions, including driving in rain and snow
• Is environmental, without compromising quality and performance.


How Does It Work?


Protecting metal surfaces involves two different products to achieve different functionalities.


Metalon1. Metalon for Preservation


Metalon is a Metal preservation coating engineered to be used on stainless steel, copper, brass, chrome, etc. Metalon creates a nonporous, waterproof, transparent barrier over the treated metal. Metalon treated surface


  • can be easily cleaned with water or very mild detergent.
  • does not rust
  • does not need to be polished



2. Metalon PX for Maintenance and Protection


Metalon PX is a multi surface application and an All-In-One metal cleaner, metal polish and metal protective polish. Metalon PX can be used on all nonferrous metal. Metalon PX cane applied by hand or polishing equipment and works as follows:


Metalona. Cleaning


Metalon PX can be used to clean the metal surface from brown discoloration, corrosion or Tea staining of stainless steel and other metal surfaces in coastal and marine environment. Metalon PX removes stubborn tea stains, oxidations and contamination from uncoated metal surfaces like stainless steel, chrome, aluminum and other uncoated metals.





b. Polishing


Metalon PX can also be used as polish to remove rust and corrosion in order to recondition the metal surface. A special formulated abrasive blend makes it easy to remove all stains. Metalon PX can be applied directly to the substrate to be cleaned or to be protected, without further preparation.


Older and contaminated surfaces can be reconditioned. Water runs off easily from the treated surface.



Metalonc. Protection


Metalon PX contains specially engineered molecular components, SAM® (Smart Assembling Molecules). After application of Metalon PX, as cleaner or polish, SAM® starts creating a protective coating above the metal surface.


SAM® is actively hydrophobic and provides a long lasting, ultra thin protection and a durable easy to clean surface. Stainless steel and other metals will stay shiny and protected even at harsh marine environments or in areas with high pollution or dust levels.


SAM's protective effect last up to 2 years in normal conditions, and shows increasing life span with periodical application. The Metalon PX polish surface can be wiped off with a wet cloth. Metalon PX can be applied directly to the substrate to be cleaned or to be protected, without further preparation.