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Metalon PX

Metalon PX™

All-In-One Multi surface Metal Cleaner, Polish and Protective Coating

This Metal Polish and metal preservative can be used on all Metal surfaces such as Stainless steel, Brass, Chrome, Silver etc.  It can be used on rims, chrome moldings and bumpers. Metalon PX does not contain any ammonia or sulphuric acid. The liquid is made of water and cosmetic oil.

Brown discoloration, corrosion or Tea staining of stainless steel and other metal surfaces in coastal environment are common problems.  Metalon PX is a product for removal of stubborn tea stains, oxidations and contamination from uncoated metal surfaces like stainless steel, chrome, aluminum and other uncoated metals. This specially engineered blend makes it easy to remove all stains . The hydrophobic active substances provide a long lasting, ultra thin protection and a durable easy to clean surface. Stainless steel and other metals will stay shiny and protected even at harsh marine environments or in areas with high pollution or dust levels. Older and contaminated surfaces can be reconditioned. Water runs off easily from the treated surface. The protective effect last up to 2 year in normal conditions, and show increasing life span with periodical application.

Metalon PX can be applied directly to the substrate to be cleaned or to be protected, without further preparation and it can be wiped off with a wet cloth. Low consumption between 20 and 50 ml/square meter depending on the conditions of the substrates. 20-60 square meter/liter (180–540 square foot).

The benefits can be summarized as follows:


  • For any metal surface
  • Low consumption
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent stain removal
  • Simple to maintain, easy re-application
  • Economical use
  • Excellent long term protection
  • Reduces dirt adherence.
  • Significantly reduces the maintenance time and costs
  • Easy to clean
  • environmental