How does DITEC effect the factory warranty?

How does DITEC effect the factory warranty?

What is covered by your vehicle’s paint warranty?

Once the factory applied plastic wrap is removed at the dealership, your vehicle’s paint finish is no longer protected.
Acid rain, bird waste and tree sap, which are also highly acidic and the harmful UV rays from the sun, oxygen in the air and other industrial pollutants are contaminants that destroy the clear coat paint finish on your vehicle resulting in permanent water spotting, blemishes, oxidation, fading and loss of gloss.

“Usually the damage is permanent; once it has occurred, the only solution is to repaint.”
(Source: United States’ EPA, The Effects of Acid Rain on Automotive Coatings)

The auto and coatings industries are fully aware of the potential damage and have explicitly excluded all environmental damages from their paint warranty program.

Simply, your vehicle’s paint warranty does not cover any damage as a result of environmental effect, or any mechanical damages such as road chips, or small scratches resulted during washing and cleaning your vehicle. So if you park you car out side and go on a trip and when back you find acid rain has damaged the paint, your have no warranty. What is covered is only workmanship and the quality of the paint work.

So, Does DITEC have any effect on your vehicle’s paint warranty? No, DITEC Paint Preservation System is clear coat safe and does not have any negative effect whatsoever on your vehicles paint warranty.

DITEC system is not only preserving the paint but also protecting it and making the paint physically stronger against damages.

Unlike all other products in the market DITEC products are organic and contain no synthetic substances such as Teflon or Silicon. DITEC will not create discoloration (which is the case with conventional car waxes). The organic structure of DITEC products create a perfect binding between DITEC and the protected surface and provides an strong barrier between the paint and environmental contaminants.