DITEC Conceptual Approach

The difference between DITEC and other paint protection or cosmetic products is like comparing apples and oranges!

There are many polishing and paint sealing products on the market for D-I-Y application. Let us make it quite clear once and for all – none of these products but DITEC Paint Preservation System solve the problem.

The best of these conventional products merely encapsulate negative elements down in the pores of the paintwork, where these continue deterioration. If you fill up the pores with a car polish and then apply a wax or sealant coating, you can only look forward to a brief period of shining paintwork while you have accelerated the deterioration in your paint.

These products can mainly be divided in 4 groups. Waxes, sealants, paint preservatives and add-on products.


Higher Gloss Value and Luster

DITEC increases the gloss value* and luster immediately.
The value of DITEC is clearly indicated by the accompanying graph. An untreated car deteriorates from a gloss value of 75 to 30 during a period of only three years, while the gloss value on a DITEC-treated surface is at least unchanged during the same period.

Studies shows that a DITEC treated work truck in daily traffic with minimal maintenance had a 3 points higher gloss value after 4 years compare with the gloss value on the vehicle in new condition and before DITEC Paint Preservation Application.
Tested and accredited by Swedish National Testing Institute, SP Protocol 87M51219)






The increase of the gloss value an luster on older or classic cars is dramatically over 100%.

560SL 560SL
Before and after pictures of a 1988 MB 560 SL

*Gloss value is measured by using a "Gloss meter". Gloss meter is placed on the paint and a ray of light is sent to the surface. The reflection is thereafter measured in 60°angel. The value is calculated on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 represent no reflection and total absorption of light and 100 represents total reflection of the light and 0% absorption.