Maintenance of your DITEC protected vehicle


Once the paint on your vehicle is preserved with DITEC you just need to wash your car every now and then. Washing a car can be like a double edged sword. On one hand you want to clean the car by washing it and on the other hand every time you wash your vehicle you are risking to add more superficial scratches to the paint.

A DITECed car needs to be washed less often due to the fact that DITEC Paint Preservation System is dirt and dust repelling.



Professional Care:
Contact your DITEC Center and let them to clean your vehicle once or twice/month.

Automated Carwash
Use ONLY touch free carwashes. Other brush carwashes violate the paint and create scratches and other paint damages.

Do It Yourself:
Use a wax free car shampoo* or dishwashing detergent**. Use a natural ship skin mitt to wash the car. If you have tar or contaminants on the paint, use a mild degreaser to dissolve these contaminants. Don't worry you are not going to remove DITEC protection.

The Rims:
If your vehicle is equipped with WheelTec you do not need to use any wheel cleaner. Wash the rims with water and if needed clean them with a sponge.

Start washing the loose dust and dirt from the vehicle. The best result is archived using a pressure wash (not more than 1500 PSI). Thereafter start washing the car with the mitt and shampoo from TOP to BOTTOM is exact that order. The roof is the less dirty part of the vehicle and the lower you get the dirtier the vehicle gets. You want to avoid rubbing the dirt on the car and creating scratches. Therefore, when washing the doors, fenders and quarter panels, avoid circular or up-and-down movements, where the dirt from the lower parts of these panels scratches the rest of the panel. If the panels are very dirty, wash them in small sections and clean the wash mitt every time before continuing to the next section. When done, wash the soap off the car and dry it preferably with a blower or use a natural chamois. Avoid bathroom towels or cheap cleaning towels. These towels contain polyester that will scratch your car.



Small superficial scratches resulted by carwash, cleaning, drying, etc. will not harm a DITEC Protected vehicle. These scratches are simply on DITEC's Protective Top-Coat and can be removed by your DITEC Center.

Other scratches: Contact your DITEC Center for assistance.

Many scratches and paint damages can be helped by professional polishing. Do not try to compound/polish your vehicle yourself. Do not use other abrasive or rubbing compounds on the car. These actions may create more scratches, swirls or/and damage DITEC's Protective Top-Coat. Polishing and compounding the vehicle by none certified DITEC Technician will also void your warranty.


Dents, Road chips and body damages

Our policy at DITEC Centers is to do everything possible to avoid repainting the damaged panel/s. DITEC Paint Preservation System is protecting your vehicle against minor mechanical damages simply by providing the paint with 75% additional resistance.

In case there is a Dent, Road chip or other minor accidents, please contact your DITEC Center. Participating DITEC Centers will assist you with proper repairs.

More serious body damages need to be repaired by a professional body shop. After repair you need to go back to your DITEC Center for reapplication of DITEC Paint Preservation System on your vehicle. If you have ProTec® the service will be free of charge.

75% stronger paint
Untreated Paint
DITEC Protected Paint

*Wax free shampoo is usually cheaper and contains less environmentally harmful chemicals. But the wax in the shampoo will not have any negative or positive effect on the DITEC protected surface.
**DITEC protection is not a wax and dishwashing detergent will not wash the protection away. However you should not use stripers such as Joy on a regular basis.