The Most Endorsed Paint Protection System

DITEC’s patented products are developed and produced in DITEC’s industries following ISO 9000/ISO 14000 and representing the highest material quality.

However, as a client you don’t need to take our word for it. History is our proof. DITEC Paint Preservation System has been applied on millions of vehicles (cars, boats, airplanes and motorcycles) over 30 years and we have gained our customers and partners trust and satisfaction based on both quality of our products, system and the work performed.

DITEC’s Paint Preservation System is considered to be the most effective protection for the paint and therefore it is fully covered by European Insurance Companies.
DITEC has also been:

  • Tested and endorsed by European AAA (22 years of testing)
  • Accredited by Swedish National Testing Institute (4 and 7 years of testing)
  • Endorsed by European insurance companies.
  • Approved by European Lobende after 15 years of testing.

DITEC Professional Paint Preservation System has been provided to customers by many dealerships for over 3 decades, and is considered to be the best protection for the paint. We could write volumes with all the endorsements. The following is a sample of the experience from our products and services.

“We consider DITEC to be the best paint protection and are fully satisfied with the results. We strongly recommend DITEC to all of our clients”

Mercedes Benz: 23 Years with DITEC

“As one of the world’s strongest brand names, we recommend DITEC to all of our customers without any reservations.”

BMW Denmark: 18 Years with DITEC

“DITEC’s name is highly recognized as providing what it promises. We endorse DITEC Paint Preservation System with full confidence.”

SAAB Europe: 25 Years with DITEC