After 1 year. (10000x enlargement)


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DITEC Conceptual Approach



Every car owner knows the famous "New Car Feeling". This is simply the experience of perfection in every detail. From the new interior smell to seamless functionality and an impressive shine and luster on the vehicle.


You try to keep the new-look on your vehicle. You talk to s.k. experts and read every possible "How-to-care-about-your-car" site on the internet or experiment with a new suggestion you read in a blog or found in you last issue of car magazine.


After 6 months, you have washed, waxed, wiped your car every day. Now you are standing by your car in a sunny day and looking at the reflection of the sun from the surface of you car. And you are feeling deeply disappointed with one question in your mind:


"I did everthing I could. Why doesn't it look as it did 6 months ago?"


The answer is simple. None of the products you used on your vehicle were protecting the paint from deterioration. While you have been washing, drying, waxing, wiping off and washing again and drying... you have created more scratches, swirls in the paint, encapselate the contaminents in the paint with the wax and created even better environment for deterioration.

This section provides you with information about how to protect the appearance of the paint and how to maintain the paint.



DITEC concept vs. conventional solutions


Suppose you have a boat or Yacht with painted surfaces. These areas are subject to deterioration. Some factors are environmental such as salt, acid rain, UV rays and some factors are chemical such as acidic deck wash, boat soap, teak cleaner, rust remover, etc. Conventional solutions provide different cleaning and short lasting sealing products. These painted surfaces are regularly cleaned, washed and waxed with these chemic las. However, this maintenance is cost inefficient, time and labor intensive, very temporary and non-protective. After a few years (more for a yacht much fewer in a cruise ship) the surface has to be repaired and repainted.


DITEC Preservation concept


At DITEC we want to achieve the following objectives for our clients and customers:


Cost efficiency


Time and labor efficiency

Higher productivity

Environmentally friendly


We achieve all above goals by thinking differently and approach the same problem from a different angle. In the example above (the paint), instead of trying to create new soaps, cleaning and waxing products we preserve the paint. The concept is to prevent the contaminants to reach the paint by creating a barrier between the paint and outside environment. This layer must however last much longer than wax, repel dust and contaminants, provide shine and gloss, be resistant against acid rain and harsh chemicals and finally being environmental.


Once the painted surface is preserved with DITEC Paint Preservation System, we have achieved the above objectives.

  • The painted surface does not need to be waxed, ever.
  • The preservation coating lasts a long time
  • It provides 20%-40% higher gloss value and therefore better appearance
  • Much less and much milder, more environmental cleaning chemicals are required for general cleaning
  • The surface will not deteriorate and the need for repair and repainting is eliminated or significantly reduced.


Other Surfaces

The above example was considering paint. However, the approach is the same for all surfaces. We provide different products to achieve the same result on stainless steal, silver, chrome, teak, glass, fiberglass, plastic, rubber, tiles, etc.