Automobile Bras and Invisible Film


Automobile Bra

These products are mainly plastic based and are made to protect the front part of the vehicle from mechanical damages.

The bra is much more harmful for the paint than any other product available in the market. Once the bra is installed on the vehicle the owner doesn’t remove it every time the vehicle is washed. Dust, dirt and other contaminants gather under the bra and start a highly accelerated deterioration process. If the bra is not removed, within 2 to 3 years the surface under the bra must be re-painted.


SiliconInvisible Film/Invisible Bra

Invisible film is an adhesive clear plastic that is placed on the front of the vehicle in order to protect the bumper and the hood from mechanical damages such as road chips. However, due to its adhesive property, it also prevents contaminants to reach the paint. The latter property will create a discoloration between the protected area and the rest of the vehicle. The paint will deteriorate all over the vehicle but the surface under the film.

Also the manufacturers claim that the invisible film is protecting the car from road chips. This statement is only partially true.

Road chips are a result of collision between a solid particle and the paint. The paint damage depends on the size, weight, angle and the volacity of the vehicle and the particle at the time of impact.

While some minor damages are prevented by the invisible film, the paint damage is still created if the impact is significant enough. However, the damage is not visible while the film remains on the vehicle. Unfortunately, the film must be replaced after a while, due to damage, scratches or discoloration. At the time of removal all the road chips created under the film will detach from the pain in larger sizes. The damage is usually much more than what Invisible Film was supposed to protect and prevent.